Waging War on the Blank Screen: 5 Tips for Writing a GREAT Resume

5 Tips for Writing a great resume



I recently subscribed to a great blog by writer Jeff Goins and he mentioned “waging war on the blank page” … and it really struck a chord with me.  I subscribed to his site after reading his article Why you must Become an Expert at Telling Your story.  In that article he challenged us to tell our story in three sentences.  I was completely speechless! Literally! How is that even remotely possible to do?  I can’t even tell my story in three chapters, maybe not even in three books… how can anyone get their entire life story condensed to three sentences?  And then, it dawned on me, THIS is what it is like to write MY resume and what you guys experience every time I ask for an updated resume. I love helping other people write their resumes, but the thought of me having to write mine leaves my with a headache!  So, today my goal is to help you write a better resume and WAGE WAR on the blank screen with 5 Tips for writing a GREAT resume!  Let me clarify, I’m talking about resumes for IT professionals.  NOT the creative types, I think hiring managers are expecting something bigger and amazing from you guys… something like this!

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