A Travel Photographer’s Perspective of Memphis, TN

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I stumbled upon a great article today about Memphis in the Chicago Tribune, of all places!  It was an article about A Travel Photographer’s Perspective on Memphis.

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From the article: 

May 26, 2013, Northbrook, Illinois,

Having completed photo shoots in Italy, Greece, and Turkey last fall, we were looking for an American city to visit this spring that had a range of entertainment, history, and cultural opportunities. In addition, we wanted to experience spring weather before it arrived in the Chicago area. Memphis, Tennessee met these requirements and was only a 460 mile drive from the northern suburbs of Chicago. The key was to visit on a week before a festival where there would be huge crowds. Our visit was on April 29-May 3, 2013, just prior to the start of the Beale Street Music Festival and Memphis in May International Festival. Our visit objective was to capture images of some of the lesser known Memphis attractions, many of which define its past history and culture, and also the current Memphis. Continue reading his article here.

How interesting to have someone who travels the world want to come to Memphis to capture our culture, both the feel of the Grand Old South as well as the new, modern Memphis!  I even learned something about our city too!  I didn’t realize we had a Judaic Art museum here:  

An absolute must see is the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art. This museum houses a collection of Chinese artwork from the Qing Dynasty. Having visited the Forbidden City, I was amazed at the volume of work on display.

I would have loved to see some photographs from the museum, but none were included in his images of Memphis.  However, there are many beautiful photographs of Memphis.  You can see his Memphis photographs here.  

I love to see Memphis getting some positive feedback from visitors!  Thanks Michael Greenberg for the article and the images!  And thanks for the tip on the museum, I’ll be visiting the Belz Museum with my boys very soon!  

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